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We’re one of the few construction companies that offer true self-perform services. We do it all and we do it ourselves: general contracting, construction management, design build, massive infrastructure, earth works, waste water management, site services, form works and landscaping. With our own people and all our own equipment, we provide one huge turnkey solution executed by a team of experienced leaders and a pool of exceptional labour talent handpicked by us.


No surprises here. We do general contracting – have since 1974. Be it for competitive bids or negotiated contracts, new construction, rehabilitation or renovation, there’s a reason both public and private sector clients want to work with us again and again. Documentation. Approvals. Risk management. Maintenance. Need we say construction?



We’ve mastered a lot of things, but our experience in the business has honed our management skills to a fine point. Scope management and planning, costing and time management, definition of roles, safety and compliance, all communication protocols – we offer a complete and cohesive solution for some very unsimple problems.



Design build is when the same firm does both the design portion of a job, as well as the execution. We’ll start with your initial ideas and then work through the millions of details to make sure you get something that’s right. Many prefer this form of contract because you can save some pretty serious time and money. We’d call that a win-win.


We believe in bringing all of our talents to the table for every job we do, so a lot of the critical path components that other companies contract out, we’re qualified to do. And when we do something ourselves, you save a lot of money ‘cause there are no subcontracting markups. Just another smart way that we do things here.