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Earth works are prep work to the site before construction begins. These include degrubbing, demolition of any small structures, cutting trees and all grading, excavation and trenching. Our huge fleet of excavators and earth movers can tackle simple or complex jobs, from digging trenches to relocation of major public infrastructure. And with all self-performed skills, we retain complete control over the schedule.


Our team brings the exact expertise required to perform all site services, including utility installation, creation of duct banks and storm water management systems. And not only will we dig trenches for underground piping, we’ll install it all too, from the smallest to the largest sizes. Of course, less work contracted out means a smoother timeline and money saved for you. (You’re welcome.)


Today’s building designs get more sophisticated all the time, which means the structures that go into supporting them become more specialized. For new construction or concrete rehabilitation, high or low-rise forming, architectural finishing, valve chambers or underground tanks, our team of form works experts ensures everything we build is to our high standard of quality and safety.


Our vast skill set enables us to provide self-performed landscaping abilities to construct any hard or soft requirements for commercial or large residential subdivision projects. We also specialize in installing green roofs to help reduce the cooling load of a building, and to capture rain for irrigation. Whatever the need, Varcon landscaping means smarter thinking for your project, both inside and out.


It’s rare for a construction company to self-perform infrastructure, but that’s how we roll. We have the teams, resources and the equipment to do all installation and relocation of watermain piping, as well as sanitary and storm sewers, waste water treatment facilities, pump stations, storm management systems, and elevated composite water towers. Don’t just take our word for it though; ask one of our prominent clients including: City of Toronto, Durham Region, Halton Region, Niagara Region, Region of Peel, TTC and Waterfront Toronto.